During Salone del Mobile, OPIUM produced a celebration of light, in association with light designer Paul Cocksedge, BMW and FLOS, SESTOSENSO.

Inspired by the quality and beauty of light and the astonishing new BMW 6 Series, the first BMW with Full-LED headlights, Paul Cocksedge has erected a seamless, curving, white wall extension to the FLOS showroom and low-hanging red and white conical lamps. As with the BMW headlights, the source of light remains hidden, only the light itself is guided through a transparent body, rendering the light source invisible and forever changing its qualities. The resultant, intense, soft light caresses, seduces all around.

Stepping inside one of the impressive SESTOSENSO red lights, a video installation including sound design of the new BMW 6 Series Coupé, both produced by OPIUM, reveals itself on the vast white wall. As if accessing a sixth sense, there is a hint of movement in the corner of the eye. Through the light we see the car: through the car, we understand the light.