Opium Effect is responsible for creative design of the new global tourism campaign 2015
After having won a national pitch, Opium Effect created the concept and design of Dresden´s new worldwide tourism campaign 2015.The campaign with five different motifs was now unveiled to the public. With this campaign Dresden wants to attract tourists worldwide and across all communication channels.

Campaign interprets classical Dresden landmarks in a new manner
We want to encourage the viewer to see Dresdens famous and popular landmarks from a new angle and discover new perspectives at supposedly
well-known things.

2015 the city falls under the motto „cosmopolitan city of creative people.“ Dresden presents itself as a city full of creative people,
dynamic developments and worth visiting especially for young tourists.

The new slogan „Dresden. Definitely different“ is embedded visually in the five campaign motifs. It shows the Frauenkirche (Church of our Lady),
the Semper Opera House, the Procession of Princes, the Skyline and the Military History Museum in surprising and unusual perspectives to create awareness and provoke interaction. The Shooting took place in late August in Dresden and was photographed by Joerg Zuber.

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