“Feel like a woman, wear a dress.” Diane von Furstenberg’s haunting words open this seductive tribute marking her creation of the seminal
and ubiquitous silk-wrap dress. For the 40th anniversary of this groundbreaking addition to women’s apparel, the designer collaborated
with OPIUM in a celebrity-studded exhibition in Los Angeles.

The visual spectacle executed with eye-popping digital artistry reframes this historical fashion icon into 21st Century relevance, rendering the
unimaginable in three dimensions as the dress becomes a living, tantalizing creature. Lusciously vivid gossamer and brocaded textures dance with
the hypnotic undulations of a rare and exotic aquatic organism, yet an undeniably feminine energy courses underneath. The animation not only
evokes the gorgeous contours of the dress, but breathes energy into the womanly life force accentuated by the free-flowing gown.

The accompanying audio track weds Furstenberg’s passionate description with an ethereal score emboldens the viewer
with the certainty of Furstenberg’s own closing remark “The story has only just begun.” OPIUM takes us there.