To see truly is to hold one’s breath, capturing an image in an instant.
Holding the fragile essence of this ever-changing reality.

Explorers, artists, conquerors and kings;
Each in search of a unique perfection.

Now is the time to hold your breath.
Be centred by your own gravity.
Images, ideas, sensations. Connect and diverge.

Hennessy, by Opium

Holds the strands together,
Takes the heart into an instant.

Crafting its own past and future

Perfecting a poem in light for today.
A whirlpool of gold and brushed copper –

A cascade of luxury, a tornado of polished glass.

Let your senses swim and soar, through the buzz of KaDaWe,
To a symphony across the centuries. Joerg Zuber’s most complete dream.

Tec Specs of the Hennessy Cascade made by Opium
total weight: 2,6 tonns
height: 6,8m
diameter: 6.7m
amount of mirrors: 352 pieces
different seizes of mirrors used: 88 shapes
total amount of single pieces: approx. 20.000 pieces
amount of screens: 24 LED screens
art-video: 6.30 min over 30GB data rendered in 3D

Hennessy. Berlin Installation