A proleptic jump to the future of design when it was released in 1989, the LeoLuxPallone Chair broke ground for the type of enticingly friendly organic biomorphic design that would be co-opted decades later by brands like the iMac and the Volkswagen.

Ahead of it’s time, the Pallone design drew it’s inspiration from the fluid forms and ergonomic symmetry apparent in the jungle. Keying into this pulse,
OPIUM created a beautiful simulacra in which the viewer is drawn in as the character of a little child to a lush grove where the chair’s inspiration is apparent.

See the chair’s color mirrored in the aperture of a milkweed butterfly’s wing. Perceive its shape in the pileum of a tropical macaw.

Feel the soft leather comfort in the dappled surface of a calla lily. Dance with a dragonfly. OPIUM.