Lifeball 2016. Europe’s largest charity event in the fight against HIV/AIDS.

Joerg Zuber returns to Vienna’s Burgtheater, harnessing the power of OPIUM to create a Red Ribbon Concert display.

This year’s theme will be ORPHEUS. Musician. Poet. Prophet. ‘Father of songs’ and archetype of all singers.

His voice charmed the beasts and the birds. Softening the heart of Hades. Even drowning the Sirens’ song.

We cast a seed from a polygon. Reimagining Orpheus’ epic journey using vertices and planes. Through the gardens of Tanais. Over the seas with the Argonauts. And into an underworld realm.

Northern lights and cherry blossom mark the passage of his days. As a full moon rises bright with longing and loss, our hero transforms into a billion brilliant galaxies.

It’s a spectacle for two breathtaking hours. A tableau of 25 scenes. A canvas for the stars themselves, including Thomas Hampson and Anna Netrebko.

Opium and Lifeball. Never look back.

Life Ball 2016