Enfant terrible of the German TV market–purveyor of space opera, fresh eyeball kicks, and the campy sublime–TELE 5 refuses easy classification.
Their scheduling assures they invent new culture where before there was none, providing viewers not merely with what they want to see,
but also with what they didn’t know they wanted to see. Put simply, it’s different, it’s good, and it fits OPIUM’s style.

Broadcast auteurs and media rebels, TELE5 asked OPIUM to define its uncategorizable brand. Executed with canny artistry, our promotions are
a meaningful puzzle of word, image, and sound. We draw the viewer into a cryptic yet alluring pastiche of pop culture.
Stark, purposeful images woven through a stippled milkblue pallete and a bittersweet virtuoso musical score tuggng our hearts with nostalgic longing.

We feel welcomed back to a home we never knew existed. Iconoclastic. Singular. OPIUM.