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The Agency



We are a global design and branding agency with over thirteen years experience in motion and brand identity. Led by Creative Director Joerg Zuber, OPIUM has grown into an international cadre of thirty designers, animators, producers and musicians located in Munich, Buenos Aires and Abu Dhabi.

We collaborate tirelessly to render the abstract and unimaginable into an evocative experience of motion, image and sound. Yet our true gift lies in employing this artistry in order to convey a brand’s unique strengths and forge an emotional connection with its audience.

Our work is infused with energy and passion, merging groundbreaking ideas with state of the art technologies. We are your partner and creative think tank.

Our clients are television stations, fashion designers, car manufacturers, retail marketing departments, entertainment companies and corporate agencies – anyone who not only wants to grab the viewers’ attentions, but to seduce them with unconventional beauty.

We want to win your heart.